Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat) - ASWH football online. Match broadcast

Club Friendlies - 11 July 2020, 15:15
Match rating:
Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat)
0 - 4
Match progress
18' Beuk W.
77' Даниэль Виссел 81' Даниэль Виссел 86' Даниэль Виссел
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Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat)
Club Friendlies 2019/2020
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Даниэль Виссел GOOAL!
Даниэль Виссел GOOAL!
Даниэль Виссел GOOAL!
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Football match preview: Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat) - ASWH 11.07.2020, Club Friendlies

The game between the team of Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat) and the team of ASWH will be held within the championship in football: Club Friendlies 2019/2020.

Date of the match: 11.07.2020
The match starts: 15:15

History of previous matches

History of confrontations between the team of Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat) and the team of ASWH:

The previous match between the teams ended in victory of ASWH, while Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat) was defeated. The opposition between Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat) и ASWH during the previous football game on 11.07.2020 ended with the following score: 0:4 in favor of guests.

In order to win, the head trainer of the teams, have developed special strategies for the game, and after the previous game made tactical amendments to the attack and defense on the field.

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Information on teams:

The host team

Name: Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat)

The previous match of Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat) was played against BVV Barendrecht - 15.08.2020, within the championship of Club Friendlies 2019/2020 and ended in victory of BVV Barendrecht.

Visiting team

Name: ASWH

The past game of ASWH was played against Spijkenisse (Нид)(Stat) - 11.07.2020, within the tournament of Club Friendlies 2019/2020 and ended in victory of ASWH.

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